NHL All-Decade Team: 1980s Summary

Hi everyone!  I kept myself to a roughly weekly posting schedule, but the NHL All-Decade teams for the 1980s are now posted for each NHL franchise.  I posted the Boston Bruins back in March, and the Winnipeg Jets went up last Friday.

In case anyone would like a list with all the teams for leisurely reading, here is a PDF with a link to each team’s article.
Click on NHL All-Decade Teams – 1980s for a list of hyperlinks, and click on NHL All-Decade Teams – 1980s (Links) if you want the full URL list.

And in case you are new to the site, or if you would like to see more of this series, here is the full series list of my 1980s NHL All-Decade teams.

This was a fun list to put together.  Three players had the distinction of making not one, but TWO All-80s teams: Paul Coffey (Edmonton & Pittsburgh), Randy Carlyle (Pittsburgh and Winnipeg) and Mike Liut (Hartford and St. Louis).  It was a fun trip down memory lane too, seeing all those names I remember from the Firewagon Hockey era.  There were names like Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman and Bourque, players whose excellence carried into the next decade.  But there were names like Bossy, Kerr, Kurri, Hawerchuk, Savard… players whose best and brightest days occured during arguably the NHL’s most stable period (i.e. no expansion, contraction or relocation) as well as one of its most exciting.

Thanks for reading; I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on the NHL in 1980s.  Check back here this Friday, when I begin looking at the 1990s.


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